i really hate this ‘ur other half is out there somewhere u just gotta meet them’ like fuck off im not incomplete im a whole person and i dont need anyone to ‘complete me’ the only thing i need is a pizza and not ur shit bye

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do you ever just want to cut it all off



My dad saw me once grabbing my thighs when I was sitting down and he said, “Why don’t you just cut it off then?” and laughed. Little does he know i think about doing it everyday.

My boyfriend saw me doing this when I was getting ready for work. He grabbed my hands, put them underneath his, got down on his knees, and put both our hands on my belly. He started to rub our hands across my belly and he said “don’t hate the place that will be a home to our child”.
I didn’t even know he wanted children.

Okay that last comment made my heart go fuzzy

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Today I went to Subway.

There were these 12 year old boys hanging around. As I got my food and left they were all checking me out like little prepubescent lemurs and one of them said “Can I get your number?” And I turned around and said “Why, you need a babysitter?”


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